Salt Water Legends Testimonial

Berkeley / PureFishing

It is an honor to have Capt. Bill Sheka inducted as the first one into the Texas Saltwater Legend Series Hall of Fame.  Berkley has been a proud sponsor of Bill since 1965 and one of our most trusted and loyal guide, past Pro Staffer and brand Ambassador.  His legendary status, that is being recognized here today, is a testament to his impact on the outdoor community in South Texas.  His many accomplishments from his early Army days, active hunter,  legendary fishing guide and of course his Sweet Dreams Corvette are all part of his gift to us

We are proud to offer a $500 gift on behalf of Berkley to the charity of Bill’s choice.

Andrew Marks, Danny Farley, John Prochnow and the entire Pure Fishing family

Chief Game Warden Jack King
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Assistant State Director Law Enforcement (Retired) 1975- 2005
Austin , Texas

Bill, this is awesome! What a tremendous honor for a stalwart representative of the years we spent battling the illegal commercial harvest of fish, especially trout and redfish on the water, before the commission and at the capital. You did not rest once we got the netters out of business but became a true leader in what conservation truly meant as the populations of trout and redfish and other species made a comeback, especially trophy trout. You promoted and led by example in the catch and release tagging effort. You actually lived what you preached and had an impact. Many fisherman today don’t realize what folks like you, and I and Frank went through from 1975 to 1985 to rid the bays of illegal netting and then creating and enforcing the regs so folks can enjoy the fishing they enjoy today. Job well done Bill.

Saltwater HOF is a tremendous and well deserved honor. God commands us to be good stewards of what he has given. Bill, well done good and faithful servant! Wish I could have been there tonight but had work responsibilities, but know you are in my thoughts and I am there in spirit. Your friend Jack