Keith and Bill

TV host Keith Warren and Guide Bill Sheka enjoy a moment together while filming “Run n’ Gun Reds” South of Corpus Christi. Photo by professional photographer Grady Allen.

Come join professional guide Bill Sheka Jr. for a Trout and Red Fishing trip of a lifetime on the Texas coast.  Bill is by far one of the most experience and well known guides on the Texas Coast.  Bill’s amazing ability to locate trophy Trout in the Baffin Bay along with his unmatched
personality has made him the “go-to” guy for several professional television shows and personalities. Bill specializes in trophy trout and redfish in the Corpus Christi, Land Cut, Laguna Madre, Nine Mile Hole and Baffin Bay areas.  Bill has guided literally thousands of his customers on trout worthy of the wall.  One of Bill’s favorite types of trips are family trips.  Bill’s 21 ft Kenner Vision accommodates families safely and makes for an enjoyable ride. Baffin Bay and the Land Cut have continually produced some of the world’s largest speckled trout.  When most people hear the name Baffin Bay, they think “Trophy Specs.”  If you desire to catch a giant spec, your chances get no better than fishing with professional guide Bill Sheka Jr.


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