“Bill Sheka’s missi’n is fishin'”.  The Corpus Christi, Texas, inshore guide lives, eats, breathes, sleeps and talks fishing 25 hours each day.  And when the chance to catch seatrout – B-I-G seatrout – is good, he is a person possessed with piscatorial  power.  So on a blamy September morning Bill Sheka was hurrying us into his shallow-draft, center console kenner boat…
Corpus Chrisit, Texas – Bill Sheka has the deeply tanned face on an outdoorsman, and he’s a crack shot with a rifle or a pistol, but he didnt look much like a buffalo hunter.  Sheka had just announced that we were about to take part in the great buffalo hunt of 1997.  Heck, there hasn’t been a bison in these parts since Captain Richard King’s sheer force of will transformed the Wild horse Desert into the King Ranch….
That moment we discover the redfish we’ve been struggling to land actually is a trout is among the most invigorating thrills in angling.  Instantly the fight take son a greater meaning in our culture.  The realization could result in losff of composure and, as often as not, loss of the fish followed by intense displays of anguish.  It’s happened to me several times.  I stepped into a live well once and nearly fell overboard in a frantic scramble not to lose a hefty speck…..
Bobbing above the hot rocks of Baffin’s south shore, an angler balances on a bay boat bow, straining to hear his wife on a cell phone provide updates on the antics of their two children.  Bracing against the waves, he stretches the phone’s antenna above his head, hopeful his static-laced connection to New Braunfels lasts a few moments longer.  Reception is fading, threatening to cut short this poignant glimpse of the home life he’s missing.  “I gotta go honey”.  You’re breaking up.”  the angler says, stretching the antenna even higher.  “I love you.  We’ll talk again soon.”