Assemblage of Documented Artifacts

Incredible Assemblage of Documented Artifacts

This incredible assemblage of artifacts are heavily documented.  The Upper Keokuk Axes are pictured in Bruce Filbrandts axe book, the smaller grooved axes are Ex-Paul Sellars and appear in several old who’s Who in Indian Relics.  The 2 Cahokia Gem points are Ex-Bill Fecht, Pete Bostrum, pictured in the Redskin Vol VI, 1971, no.1 pages 13,15,17  pictured in Who’s Who in Indian Relics #4 and Pete Bostrums Cahokia Gem Point Book.  The cornertangs are all 5  inches to 61/4 ” in length.  The largest pictured in Legends of Prehistoric Art vol1 under the Ted Nemec collection.  The Largest Clovis on the left  is pictured in Legends of Prehistoric Art, Vol1. on page 154.  The other large Clovis on the right is Ex-Earl Townsend and was also Ex-Ed Payne, Ex-Judge Stone.  Townsend bought it on March 20, 1952.  It was purchased by Maury Meadows and B, Texas Bobby Onken then sold to Dr. Leslie Pfeiffer and finally by Bill Sheka.  The other 4 to its right are also Ex-Earl Townsend and 3 of them appear in Prehistoric Art Vol XV, No1, 1980 on page 14-15.   The very RARE, large white Alibates Cloves to the left of the large one,  was found in 1936 near Palo Dura and is Ex-Ted Nemec, Ex-Dana Harper.  The other Clovis points below it are Ex-Dilley collection.  The Redston Clovis is from Somerset, Ky.  The Rare Spiro Whelk Shell beads are from the famous Craig Mound, Greg Perino knew these strands and  the miners family that dug them in the 1930’s.  Part of the old Pocola Mining Co. operation.  He also papered the pieces.  3 of the large square eared Castrovilles were dug by Mike McCormick in Bell Co. Texas.  The other was dug by Floyd Easterwood.  The beautiful San Saba is from the famous Wilson county  “Sand Pit” and is made of a rare reddish Edwards “Rootbeer” flint.  The extremely large and Wide Base Tang knife is made of a “golden” colored Fayettville cobble, from Fayetteville Co. Texas.  the Large Carstoville base tang is from Gillespie Co. Texas and dug by Rick Sparkman.  The large jet black Marcos point made of Brushy Creek, was found near Pack Saddle Mountain, Bell Co. Texas and is Ex-Dana Harper.  The other Marcos base tang to its left is also Ex-Dana Harper and is made of Ft Hood GBG flint.  The majority of the Ensors are from  Dwain Rogers Collection and Ex-Curtis Younts, Ex-Dana Harper collections.  The stripped rootbeer Montell was dug by Jay Roach in Kerr County, while the large 41/4″ Rootbeer Montell was dug by RAndall Brown near Helotes on the Old San Antonio Ranch.  The heavily patinated Friday blade was dug by Mike McCormick in Bell Co. Texas.  The  2 large blades are Ex-Younts, Ex-Dana Harper and are incredible blades of 6 11/16″ and 7 1/4″.  A great many of these pieces are pictured in Who’s Who in Indian Relics Vol 10 and many prehistoric American Journals, Keokuk Axe book Central States Journal and other Who’s Who in Indian Relics Vol 1-10.


5 3/8 Clovis, Trigg Co. Kentucky

5 3/8 Clovis, Trigg Co. Kentucky

This beautiful Clovis point was found on March 1, 1995 by Mr. John Staples near the Cumberland River.  It is made of Dover Flint.  It is pictured in “Legends of Prehistoric Indian Art” Vol 1, on page 154 and Who’s Who in Indian Relics#10 under Bill Sheka’s section starting on page 300-306.  It was also professionally cast by Mr. Jim Chase of Dup-la-cast Inc. and casting can be purchased from him.  A cast this relic is also on display at the Museum of Natural History by Dr. Dennis Standford.  It is Ex-Bob Onken and Maury Meadows Collections.  This Clovis also has been papered by Dwain Rogers and Tom Davis.















Clovis point

5 Clovis Points from the famous Earl Townsend Collection