Greatest Point Ever Made

Captain Bill Sheka Jr. is a professional Saltwater Fishing and  Hunting Guide located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Bill is one of the  most experienced and respected guides in the states of Texas.  Mention his name in the Sporting goods stores, boat shows, outdoor circles, or outdoor writers and see what other are saying.  His booking and following speak for themselves.  Imagine gliding across the shallow and pristine waters of the famous Laguna Madre, in Captain Bill’s 21 ft Kenner Tunnel Vision.  You can count on a great fishing experience that will leave you with memories for years to come.  Experience the battle of the head-shaking, beautiful speckled Trout ( Southern Spotted Weakfish) or perhaps the hard-pulling bulldogging Redfish ( Red Drum).  He takes experienced and inexeperienced, young and old, corporations, families and individuals.  He uses both artificial lures, and a variety of bait on conventional bait casting and spinning equipment and he also guides fly fishermen.  Bill also can arrange hunts for whitetail deer and other species.  His many  years of experience is reflective in the outdoor world and he has been extensively featured in Magazines, Newspapers and Television outdoor shows over the last 20 years.  The numerous magazine articles include, Field Stream, Outdoor Life, Saltwater Angler, Saltwater Sportsman, Texas Saltwater, Texas Game and Fish, Fishing and Hunting News, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Saltwater Fly Fishing Magazine, Fly Fishing in Saltwater, Louisiana Sportsman, Florida Sportsman, Saltwater Journal, Southern Outdoors, CCA Tide and many, many newspaper articles just too numerous to mention here.  You may see him on Television shows on local stations in your area or perhaps on national shows like ESPN, TNN, OLN, The Outdoor Network. Captain Bill Sheka has been actively involved in guiding for over 30 years in hunting and fishing.  His seminars at Outdoor shows and Boating shows always draw a large crowd and he always has time to visit and talk fishing and hunting with sportsmen across the country.  His Fly patterns ahve been extensively published in the Fly Magazine, Saltwater Fly Fishing and Fly Fishing in Saltwater.  Bill is a born again, washed in the blood believer and will quickly talk to you about his faith in the Lord Jesus and the many blessings he has received.  Should you decide to want to spend time with Bill chasing Trout or Reds in the Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay area south of Corpus Christi, Texas, please give him  a call.  However folks, please understand that he books up very quickly and sometimes a year in advance.  He has fished out of Kenner boats since 1989 and has fished Berkley products since 1965.  He is very active in product design and testing Manufacturers new product line and is on the Pro staffs of several companies.  These companies depend on Bill to help the Anglers/Sportsmen of America to get the most dependable. and best quality product in their hands.  His recommendations and experience to these  manufacturers, is highly trusted and respected in the Outdoors industry.

Bill has guided many  people to some huge whitetail and has also taken many large-racked bucks himself.

Bill is also a collector of Indian artifacts and has a large and authentic collection.  He buys as well as sells and can help you in your search for that rare and hard to find authentic artifact.  Check out his webpage or give him a call

When experience, honesty and integrity mean everything.  What are you waiting for?

Contact Captain Bill Sheka Jr. at billsheka@msn or call him @ 361-991-7191.  You will not regret it.

Please check out the pictures of fishing , hunting and Indian relics as you browse this site.  You can also see some other of Bill Sheka’s artifact at:


A Tremendous group of big trout

Adolph Hanslick and his son Joe with Griff Newmeyer, Baffin Bay, Laguna Madre. Texas

Biil tags big trout

Tagged and ready to be released

Capt. Bill getting ready to release an enormous trout of near record proportions.   Notice the tag in her back.  Capt. Bill has tagged literally thousands of fish with the data used to study migration/movement patterns and growth rates. Conserving our resources and understanding our wildlife is the key to the future

Bill and his dad

A couple of trophies in the early days

Training to be a guide started early for Bill.  Picture is from 1960 and shows Bill’s Dad and him with some big sow trout.  Bill was 10 years old in this picture.  Bill’s training started with his Dad and Grandad taking him hunting and fishing at an early age.  This was the key to his success as a professional guide.  There are no crash courses as some might think.  It is experience and long hours in the field that cannot be substituted.  Bill is thankful to his Dad and Grandad, for  the time they took to take him.  Prov 22:

three reds on at the same time

3 Reds on at the same time

Having Three reds on at the same time can not only be fun, but can get to be real interesting when all of them get to the boat at about the same time.  Having some fun now